Mitsubishi New Zealand says Outlander PHEV will arrive next April

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was recently previewed in New Zealand, along with the announcement that New Zealand will be the fourth launch market for the plug-in hybrid SUV.

The Outlander PHEV is the first four wheel drive, off-road capable plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the world. Based on the gasoline powered Outlander, with a top model costing $56,990 NZD, the PHEV model will retail at $59,990 NZD for the XLS trim, and $66,990 NZD for the top-of-the-line Outlander PHEV VRX model.

Mitsubishi New Zealand expects the Outlander plug-in to go on sale in April 2014, and initially, supply will be limited to 25 vehicles per month. And yet, with such a small supply of vehicles, Mitsubishi NZ predicts sales will make up 20 per cent of global sales by 2020.

With the ability to drive 52 km in EV mode, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a total extended hybrid range of more than 800 km. Charging from empty using a 10A plug takes around 6 and a half hours and will cost around $2.60 at New Zealand electricity rates.

The nearest competitor in New Zealand will be the Lexus RX450 hybrid, which doesn’t offer any pure electric driving, and costs more than twice as mush at $125,400 NZD.

For additional Outlander PHEV information, check out our forum pages on Availability and Prices.

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Alan Moeller

By Alan Moeller

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  1. Bravo! Bravo! Mitsubushi. Way to go!

    Having been in the trenches promoting Plug-In Electric Cars since the ancient dark days of 2008- 2010 getting the Amazing Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle rocking is is so great to see the other world players weighing in with outstanding superior products that give us fuel options other then gasoline or diesel.

    I will NEVER forgive big oil for jamming us in 2008 for 7 long months of $4 + gas, on top of world near financial collapse.


    Thomas J. Thias

  2. Forgot to leave my Chevy Volt MPG stats!

    These MPG stats for my Chevy Volt are from actual compiled raw OnStar™ Data.

    Remember, fuel economy shown is simply miles driven divided by gas burned. While this does not take into consideration my $1 a day or so in electric fuel, it is literaly accurate!


    Thomas J. Thias

  3. After a long wait at last there is an announcement by Mitsubishi of there new model.Good to hear. The last time Mitsubishi Outlander review helped me to buy it for my brother. Lets wait for this model.

    1. Thanks for sharing that video! I assume you’re interested in purchasing the Outlander PHEV when it makes it to NZ?

      1. If certain things work out right then I would very much like to buy one when they come to NZ. But if I can’t afford it then I’ll just have to wait and keep on pumping fossil fuel into my aging Subaru.

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