Nissan Leaf

Release Date: Currently available in most of the US and Canada
MSRP: $29,990
Battery Pack Size: 40 kWh
Electric Range: 150 miles
MPGe: 99 MPGe
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2018 Nissan Leaf pricing and specs

With the official announcement from Nissan, we see they are keen to keep the lead in the EV space. This upgrade did take a few years (it’s been 8 years since the first LEAFs went…

2018 Nissan Leaf specs and pricing LEAKED!

As with everything in life, we can’t be sure until we’re sure – so let’s just say these specs are unofficial until Nissan confirms the real specs for the 2018 LEAF electric vehicle. On August…

Nissan CEO talks new Leaf EV

After 16 years with Carlos Goshn as CEO, Hiroto Saikawa took over the role in April 1. He recently sat down with Automotive News to talk about the next generation Nissan Leaf, and his plans…

Official EPA ratings for 2013 Nissan Leaf

It’s official. The Environmental Protection Agency has released the final ratings for the 2013 Nissan Leaf. Overall efficiency is rated at 115 MPGe, based on 102MPGe on the highway and 128 MPGe in the city….