Mercedez teases price on the B-Class Electric Drive

Release Date: Summer 2014
MSRP: $41,350
Battery Pack Size: 28kWh (MB says 28kWh usable)
Electric Range: 100+
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At the LA Auto Show in late November, Mercedes brought 2 B-Class Electric Drive vehicles along for a small group of journalists to ride along in. All the reviews we saw were very positive, with comments regarding mostly around the components that Mercedes borrowed from Tesla for the electric drive train guts of the car.

According to CNET, however, there was an interesting tidbit hidden amongst their review. According to a Mercedes Benz spokesman at the LA Auto Show, the automaker does not have a price determined for the B-Class Electric Drive yet, but it will likely be in the low $40,000 range. After the federal tax incentives in the US, that would put the end price somewhere in the $35,000 range.

Mercedes felt an electric range over 100 miles was necessary to put range anxiety at ease, and they estimate the B-Class will achieve over 100 miles electric range on the EPA test cycle. With the B-Class Electric really only having the Rav4 EV in the same size and utility class, there could be a large number of people lining up to test drive this 28 kWh electric from a luxury automaker.


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