Mitsubishi i-Miev sales will continue in the US

Over the past year, the nation-wide supply of i-MiEVs has been dwindling. There’s somewhere around 100 of the little electric vehicles left in the country. On top of that, there was no 2013 model introduced, and Mitsubishi recently heavily discounted the 2012 i-Mievs. Many were beginning to speculate Mitsubishi would be halting production of the i-Miev.

However, InsideEvs asked Mitsubishi, and Mitsubishi says that is not the case.

Sophia Ko, and account executive for Mitsubishi US said the “i-MiEV is not discontinued in the US.” She went on to say a future model is in the works, but no release date has been confirmed yet. “We will continue to sell i-MiEVs in the U.S. and are in midst of determining the timing to introduce a new MY vehicle.”

The new model will receive the same upgraded features that became available in Canada on the 2013 Mitsubishi i-MiEV, such as 2 cables for 120V charging that reduces charge times from 22 hours (at 8 amps) to 14 hours (at 12 amps). The 2013 model in Canada also has front heated seats and seatbacks.

John Arnone, Manager of Public Relations for Mitsubishi Canada said “The i-MiEV is here to stay in Canada.”

2013 sales of the i-Miev are 96 for Canada and 882 for the US.

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  1. Thanks for clearing that up, Ms. Ko… My goodness- though Nissan engineered battery weaknesses into their LEAF, Mitsu let a better-targeted niche vehicle languish for lack of marketing and even the most rudimentary manufacturer’s expressions of support or any interaction with owners. Just glad that I was able to get a bargain and let Mitsu pay the price for fouled-up marketing.

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