Nissan e-NV200 testing with DHL in Japan

The Nissan e-NV200 is entering testing with DHL Japan in the latest pre-production testing program. The electric delivery vans will be used in 3 weeks in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.  The prototype will be used for package delivery and allow DHL and Nissan to evaluate the vehicle’s potential and practical usability. The testing will take into consideration the economic and environmental performance of the electric minivan. Feedback gleaned from the field will be reflected in Nissan’s future development of the vehicle.

The Nissan E-NV200 has been in other test with Japan Post, Aeon Retail, British Gas, and others. So far the E-NV200 has received positive comments for its quiet comfortable driving, and generous carrying capacity.

The commercial launch of the Nissan electric van is scheduled for 2014, which will make the E-NV200 Nissan’s second production electric vehicle. Equipped with Nissan’s LEAF powertrain, battery pack and charging system, the van will have similar EPA ratings to the Leaf, but may have a larger battery in order to counteract the diminished range because of the van’s size and drag profile.

Production will take place in Barcelona, Spain. Back in November 2012, Nissan said production should start before 2013 comes to an end, but there have been no updates since then.

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