Chevrolet announces Bolt EV EPA range at 238 miles!

General Motors has announced that the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV will have an EPA estimated range of 238 miles! Via it’s 60 kWh battery pack, this puts the Bolt in head to head competition with the upcoming Tesla Model 3 that Elon Musk has said will have at least 215 miles of EPA range.

In addition to range details, not too much was said that wasn’t already known. The Bolt EV’s chief engineer, Josh Tavel, said “While range is important, we knew Bolt EV owners would want more — more space and more power — and the Bolt EV delivers.  Our team took special pride in optimizing every aspect of this vehicle, especially its impressive range and ride dynamics.”

As for availibility, GM simply said the Bolt EV arrives at select Chevrolet dealerships in late 2016. It will ship in 2 trim levels, the LT and the Premier.

GM is still being quiet about pricing, sticking to their original $37,500 MSRP or less comments.

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  1. Wonderful car! In Germany, we all wait for the price for the Opel Ampera E. Here is a big discussion about the AC-Charger. We have a lot of AC charging points with 22kW. At home a lot of people are not able to use 32A. So if you have to use 16A and you have only a 1-phase-charger on board you need 18h to fill the battery and on tour you can not use the capacity of the 22kw charging points, so charging needs much more time and makes the kWh very expensive because often you have to pay the charging time. So without 3-phase-AC-charger on bord the car is dead before it comes to the dealer.

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