2017 Focus Electric gets larger 33.5 kWh batter and over 100 miles range!

For a long time it seemed like Ford wasn’t really interested in the Focus Electric. From lack of upgrades to lack of marketing, the Focus Electric has just been plugging along all on its own, promoted and discovered online by EV enthusiasts doing their own research.

Back in December Ford announced the Focus EV would get some upgrades including longer range. Now that the 2017 spec sheet for the vehicle has been printed, we can say that Ford delivered what they said they would.

The new 2017 version of the Focus plugin vehicle has a battery that is now a 33.5 kWh liquid cooled lithium ion battery. With a 46% increase in capacity, we can estimate that a 46% increase in the 76 mile EPA range would mean a 100 mile EPA range.

That puts the Focus Electric in competition with the 110 mile 2017 Hyundai IONIQ Electric, and the 107 mile 2016 Nissan LEAF.

The new version of the Focus EV also gets CCS DC fast charging up to 50 kW.

Delivery of the 2017 model year should start in December 2016.

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Alan Moeller

By Alan Moeller

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  1. The Focus Electric was a very good car, but 100 mile range in 2017 is too little too late. It is obsolescent the day it hits the showrooms

  2. Increased range, 50 kW CCS DC fast charging, plus my discount as a Ford retiree suits me fine–I ordered one yesterday.

  3. I have worked for a Ford dealership for years. My commute to work is 55 miles each way. I am tired of stopping every 3 days to fill my tank and I’m tired of the expense for the fuel. Working for Ford I will only own a Ford so the earlier Focus electrics didn’t have enough range for me to feel confident that I could make the 55 mile trip into work at highway speeds. As soon as I read about the larger battery I ordered mine. It has been 4 months, the car is built but not shipped. I can’t wait.

    I feel this is just the beginning, we are going to see more and more manufactures building electric vehicles. Electric vehicles will only get better with time. Better batteries, longer rang. More charging stations are being installed along our roadways. The more people see the electric vehicles on the road the more confident they will be that a electric power is a good choice.

    I’m excited to be joining the switch to electric vehicles.

  4. Through a program in Central California, called Valleycan.org, I was able to buy a used 13 FFE with 53k on the clock. I’ve had it for 2 months, absolutely am hooked. Usually in the mornings I have at least 68-70 miles on the meter.

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