2018 Nissan Leaf pricing and specs

With the official announcement from Nissan, we see they are keen to keep the lead in the EV space. This upgrade did take a few years (it’s been 8 years since the first LEAFs went on sale), but since the EV market as a whole has been slow to progress, the upcoming 2018 Nissan LEAF will still be at the top of the pack!

The 2nd generation LEAF will be available in a 40 kWH and 60 kWh battery pack options, with EPA ranges of 150 miles and 225 miles approximately (no official ratings yet).

Pricing for the base 40 kWh model starts at $29,990 USD – putting it a full $7500 less than the Chevy Bolt. It’s lower than the LEAF on the market today and has more range, power, and technology – it’s likely to completely discourage current LEAF sales for the next months, which is likely why Nissan waited to long to reveal the updates.

With an improved motor inverter and some software adjustments, the 2018 LEAF has 147 horsepower – 40 more than the 2017 LEAF. Torque is also up to 236 lb-ft, from 187 lb-ft in the current LEAF. Nissan says these improvements will increase the 0-60 mph times to about 8.9 seconds.

The new generation LEAF is 1.4″ longer, 0.8″ wider, 0.4″ taller, and has basically the same cargo space and total weight – but with 40% more range, and increased power.

Japan gets the new 2018 Nissan LEAF electric vehicle in October. The 2018 LEAF arrives in all 50 states, and in Europe in early 2018 (and we assume Canada as well).

Nissan is expecting/hoping to increase sales by 2 or 3 times the current model in the 2018 year.


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  1. The extended range is really important…especially over 200 miles. Is the battery pack able to be retrofitted into my 2014 Leaf?

    1. There’s no info from Nissan in regards to that – I imagine it won’t be, as software etc has changed as well. It might not be as easy as swapping the battery pack for a larger one. Plus, it would hinder LEAF sales – they want you to buy a new one, not upgrade your old one 🙂

      1. But they DO want to replace your old battery when it wears out. When it does… you’d HOPE they would offer an upgrade. No?

        I took a 2015 Leaf for a spin today and was impressed. I have a 110k round trip commute, so the range gives me a bit of anxiety. I’m definitely interested, though.

  2. Sometime in mid 2018, when new-gen leafs with their larger batteries begin to be found in salvage yards, someone with brains and more, will seek to determine that question more directly.

  3. Renault offered a battery upgrade to its EV Zoe when the new one was released. They’re using the old ones as cheap powerwall boxes. Since renault owns Nissan, its possible but note few old zoe owners take up the offer and just sell the old Zoe for a new one as extended range is not just a new battery but more power efficient ac, inverter, battery cooler, lower power car wiring etc. The cost was in the $0000’s

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