2018 Nissan Leaf specs and pricing LEAKED!

As with everything in life, we can’t be sure until we’re sure – so let’s just say these specs are unofficial until Nissan confirms the real specs for the 2018 LEAF electric vehicle.

On August 7th, Autobytel unveiled some 2018 Nissan Leaf pricing and specifications on their website (they have since taken the page down). It’s likely the information was leaked by a dealer that already has access to an online configuration tool, similar to what happened with the 30 kWh battery pack leak and announcement.

The leak shows the 2018 LEAF will have 147 horsepower, up from the 107 horsepower in the original LEAF. Also, the torque is increased from 187 lb-ft up to 236 lb-ft which should make for a noticeably quicker drive.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf battery pack has been increased up to 40 kWh, which should be good for around 150 miles of range. There was a leaked image that showed the Leaf dash showing 165 miles of range, but that would be fairly optimistic for a 40 kWh pack. It could be that Nissan still has a larger pack option available for a higher trim level?

Overall, dimensions of the LEAF 2.0 are less than 1″ wider and .4″ taller than the original. All other dimensions, such as headroom, hiproom, legroom, in the front and rear are all within 1 inch of the last generation, so its likely that Nissan has basically the same body on the LEAF as the last generation, and simply improved where it counts most: more power, longer range, more conventional styling, updated electronics, and still managed to keep the price right about the same.

Pricing looks like this: Leaf S (base model) priced at $29,990, Leaf SV at $32,490 and Leaf SL at $36,200. If someone doesn’t need the longer range of the Bolt EV or even the Model 3, than the Leaf will be an attractive option that is cheaper and just as feature-rich as the competition – all coming from the manufacturer that has built over 275,000 LEAF electric vehicles in the past 7 years.

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  1. Is there still a $7500 Federal incentive? Because without it an i3 is more hp, more range, better MPGe and arguably more luxury for the same lease payment.

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