Washington State EV owners to pay $100 annual fee

A new fee, established as Section 10 of Engrossed House Bill 2660, will see a $100 annual fee for 100% electric vehicles. The new code says that starting on February 1st, 2013, vehicles powered only by electricity and capable of speeds higher than 35 mph will have to pay a $100 fee each year when registering the vehicle.

The reason comes from the fact that since electric vehicles don’t use gasoline, drivers aren’t paying any state gasoline taxes. The new fee was created to ensure that electric vehicles will contribute funds to “mitigate the impact of vehicles on state roads and highways” just like gasoline powered vehicles do.

Although EV owners want to pay their fair share, according to Plug In America legislative director Jay Friedland, the policy is not well balanced. “The state on the one hand has given out sales tax exemptions to encourage residents to buy more electric vehicles, while charging the fee on the other hand.”

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