Electric Vehicle Sales 2011 vs 2012

In 2011, there were 17,500 electric vehicles sold in the U.S. In 2012, the number was up to around 52,000.

Although some electric vehicle manufacturers, like Tesla, Fisker and Coda, don’t report their sales numbers, many of the major players do. Here’s the breakdown in EV sales numbers for 2012:

Chevrolet Volt
Sales at the start of the year were fairly low, but by the end of the year the Volt was selling over 2500 a month. Total Volt sales for the year were 23,461 which is 3 times the 7,671 sold in 2011.

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid
Only available since February 2012, the Prius Plug-in sold 11,389 vehicles in 2012. Although the Prius Plug-in has the lowest electric-only range of any plug-in hybrid currently on the market, it is eligible for single occupant access to California HOV lanes and it has the Prius reputation behind it.

Nissan Leaf
The first mass-produced electric vehicle to go on sale in the U.S., 9,819 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles sold in 2012 which was just higher than the 9,674 sales in 2011.

Ford Focus Electric
December sales numbers haven’t been released yet, but as of November, there were 518 Ford Focus Electric vehicles sold in 2012.

Ford C-max Energi
Hitting the market in October, sales as of November were 1,259!

Toyota Rav4 EV
Again, as of November, Toyota had sold 140 Rav4 Electric Vehicles.

Honda Fit EV
A total of 74 Fit EVs have been sold in 2012.

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