Volkswagen E-Golf perhaps available for 2014

Release Date: Spring 2014 in Europe, Late 2014 in North America
MSRP: $35,445 in US, £25,845 in UK, €34,900 in Europe
Battery Pack Size: 24.2 kWh
Electric Range: 118 miles NEDC
MPGe: 116
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Volkswagen E Golf

Volkwsagen has released some details about updates to the E-Golf. They have also adapted the test fleet of E-Golfs for the U.S. Market. Changes to the Volkswagen E-Golf include U.S. spec sidemarkers, updated condenser for hot climate capability, ability to charge with J1772, updated interior instrumentation, a tire pressure monitoring system and U.S. spec airbags.

Aside from physical updated, the Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-motion is now being called the Volkswagen E-Golf. If everything goes well, Volkswagen is hoping to bring the VW E-Golf to the US in 2014. The current E-Golfs are based on the sixth generation Golf which has the battery pack stuffed under the rear seats and in the center tunnel. The 2014 E-Golf will use the 7th generation Golf platform which is being designed to accommodate a battery pack.

Volkswagen is testing the E-Golf in the US specifically because we drive differently in North America. One feature that the Volkswagen E-Golf has is adjustable regen, which VW says makes for more engaged driving – this is a feature that many who have test driven the E-Golf say all electric vehicles should have.

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