Tesla says Model S can recharge in 1 hour and other interesting tidbits

Last Friday, Tesla did the big Model S launch now that the Model S is rolling into production and out into the hands of buyers. At the launch event, chief technology officer J.B. Straubel announced that Tesla would be coming out with a 440-volt 90-kW supercharger that would recharge the 300 mile top of the line Tesla Model S in 1 hour. That blows the DC fast chargers out of the water – the ones that take 30 minutes to charge the Nissan Leaf to 80% capacity.

Tesla also released some other juicy details about the Model S:

  • Tesla is currently building 1 Model S per day with the hopes of ramping up to 80 per day by the end of the year.
  • There are over 9800 reservations, so reserving a Model S now means you’ll be waiting until mid 2013 for your electric vehicle.
  • There will be 22 Tesla stores in the.S. by the end of the year. Tesla had hoped 1000 people per day would stop in, but it’s been closer to 4000 visits per day!
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1 Comment on "Tesla says Model S can recharge in 1 hour and other interesting tidbits"

  1. Sure Tesla’s DC fast charger is bigger and better, but so is the car 🙂

    The take away for me from this news is that Tesla is ensuring there will be an infrastructure for their vehicles. Nissan are depending more on the govt funded EV Project and other such schemes plus commercial charging networks around the country.

    Nissan need to take a leaf (pun intended) out of Tesla’s book and seed the DC fast charge infrastructure around the US to dispel the overblown range anxiety concerns potential buyers have in their heads.

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