Some Nissan Leaf owners are losing capacity bars

Some owners on the Nissan Leaf forum have noticed that their Leaf dash only displays 11 of 12 capacity bars when the battery is fully charge, which leads them to believe they have lost some battery capacity.

A full read through the forum thread reveals that both owners are in Arizona, and some are speculating that extreme temperatures could be part of the cause. One owner left their Nissan Leaf sit for about a month with a fully charged battery which is considered bad practice, and the second owner reports that they have recharged the battery when it’s only been discharged to 98% which is also considered bad practice.

It’s too soon to tell if the loss of the bar has really affected the Nissan Leaf’s overall range or not, but it is the first indication that the battery pack will indeed lose some capacity over time. Mark Perry, Nissan North America’s director for product planning and advanced technology has said the Nissan Leafs will retain 70 to 80 percent of their original capacity after 10 years.

With nearly 12,000 Leafs on the road in the USA these are the only 2 cases that have come up regarding premature battery capacity loss – so no need to panic.

The Nissan Leaf Forum Thread is located here

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