Renault says the Zoe EV will outsell the Leaf in Europe

We all know that Renault and Nissan are sister companies, sharing technology, automotive parts and in some cases executives. That’s what makes it somewhat surprising that Renault thinks it’s Zoe electric vehicle will sell better than the Nissan Leaf EV in Europe.

The Renault Zoe electric var is scheduled to be released later this year, and Renault is aiming for an annual production of 150,000 units. Both the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe are 5 passenger electric vehicles, but the Leaf is approximately 15 inches longer than the Zoe.

Thierry Koskas, Renault’s electric vehicle project director stated “The Zoe is the first electric car in Europe that will address the needs of the mass-consumer market”. The Renault Zoe’s main selling point is that it will offer more advanced technologies for a lower price than the Leaf. Since the Renault Zoe is launching 2 years later than the Nissan Leaf, Renault says it will have advanced technologies that the Nissan Leaf does not have such as braking energy recovery system, a heat pump, and a special type of energy efficient tires.

The Renault Zoe electric vehicle will retail for around 15,700 euros in France. The Nissan Leaf is selling for 30,990  euros in France. The Zoe is much cheaper because of a 30 percent shorter single charge range as well as a battery pack leasing program that costs around 80 euroes per month.

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