Smart Electric Drive US rollout begins today

Mercedes-Benz USA announces they are starting to roll out the Smart Electric Drive to dealers across the country. Smart has been saying May for a while, and a few days ago they said May 15th – now it’s officially here!

At just $25,000 MSRP, the Smart Electric Drive is the cheapest electric vehicle in the US. Including the $7500 federal tax credit, the price could be as low as $17,500.

Purchase options for the Smart ForTwo Ed start at $25,000, and include a Cabriolet version that starts at $28,000.

You have an option to purchase the vehicle outright, or you can purchase the Smart Electric Drive and rent the battery pack. Smart values the battery at $5,010, so they base the battery rental on that and comes to $80 a month on a 60 month term. The other option is to lease the vehicle and rent the battery, which would cost $119 per month for the vehicle and $80 per month for the battery.

The Smart Electric Drive’s electric range is rated at 68 miles per charge, with more like 76 miles on pure city driving. The EPA rates the ForTwo Electric at 122 MPGe city, 93 MPGe highway, and 97 MPGe combined.

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