Smart Electric Drive pricing announced for Canada

Smart has officially announced pricing on its soon-to-be-released Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. Pricing starts at CDN $26,990 ($26,398 US) and the cabriolet version starts at CDN$29,990 ($29,326 US). Those prices, of course are pre-incentive MSRP prices.

In Canada, some areas receive even greater government incentives than that of the $7,500 tax credit in the US. Ontario residents get an $8,500 rebate at the time of purchase, not as a credit at tax time.

Smart has also announced that dealers across Canada are already accepting orders for the 3rd gen Smart Electric Drive. Smart says the first deliveries will be this Spring, which is the same dates given for the US deliveries.

The third generation Smart Electric Drive was unveiled in in September 2011 at the Frankfurt motor show. The new generation of Electric Drive includes a more powerful electric motor, a new lithium-ion battery pack that increased range to 87 miles and updated styling by widening door sills and adding LED light and automatic air conditioning.

The Smart Electric Drive is rated at 107 MPGe combined on the US test cycle. With a top speed of 125 km/h, the Smart Electric Drive is perfect for an urban or sub-urban environment.

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