BMW i3 Rex (Range Extender) “not intended for daily use”

Green Car Reports recently wondered if the range extender on the BMW i3 would actually be enough to power the i3 on long trips or if it was merely an option to give more peace of mind for those with range anxiety.

According to BMW’s advanced powertrain and heritage communications rep David Buchko, the BMW i3 range extender will double the effective range, but will not give the i3 unlimited range (as it does in the Chevy Volt).

The i3 range extender is meant to enable the car to go a little further than the pure BEV on those rare occasions when driver needs to go a little further. It is not intended for daily use. We’ve said that the REx [range extender] will double the effective range of 80-100 miles. I have not seen anything to suggest that it would not be capable of doing so.”

The BMW i3 electric range has not been officially announce, but BMW’s Maximillian Kellner, head of the BMW i division’s product management team, has said the i3 single charge range is around 130-160 kilometers, and the BMW i3 Rex option will provide up to 200 miles total range.

The i3 is still scheduled to launch later this year – to stay updated as the launch gets closer, check out our BMW i3 Forum.

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