Ranger Rover Electric Utility Vehicle to challenge Tesla Model X

In a recent interview with Autocar and Jaguar Land Rover group’s engineering director Wolfgang Ziebart, Ziebert hinted at plans to produce an electric Range Rover to compete in the luxury vehicle segment with Tesla.

The all-electric Range Rover would come in a lower roofed crossover style vehicle and would be marketed towards inner city wealthy families that need a second or third vehicle.

Zeibart suggested […] that any EV would be the size of a “Jaguar XJ” and aimed at the US and China.

In addition, in a recent press release, design chief Gerry McGovern strongly hinted on expanding the Range Rover brand with an “incredibly luxurious, low-slung” vehicle more biased to on-road performance than off-road performance.

According to Autocar, “If the new model gets the go-ahead, it will be based on a version of Range Rover’s aluminium monocoque architecture, modified to accommodate a substantial battery pack. All-wheel drive, delivered by using motors on both the front and rear axles, also seems a certainty.”

Air springs would help the vehicle run at low ride height on the highways, and then increase clearance for low speed driving and mild back-country use.

“Land Rover bosses clearly have to take the premium EV market seriously, partly as a result of the rise and rise of Tesla.”

Check out the full article here at Autocar.co.uk

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