BMW i1 planned before 2020

According to a BMW insider, who goes by Scott27, recently mentioned the possibility of the BMW i sub-brand producing a fully electric vehicle that would slate in below the i3. The insider mentioned it would be called the BMW i1 and gave no indication as to why it wouldn’t be dubbed the i2.

The BMW i1 will arrive before 2020, although BMW Blog doesn’t expect to see production of any vehicle below the i3 in this decade.

A smaller vehicle, also likely to be aimed at a cheaper pricepoint to compete more with the Nissan Leaf and similar offerings, would require a smaller battery pack and a smaller cabin size. Both would likely be viewed as below BMW standards, unless the model comes far enough in the future that the next generation batteries have enough increased density and lower costs to allow for increased range at a lower price point.

We believe that in the next few years, the i sub-brand will size up, vehicles like the i5 or i9 are closer to reality than the i1. Even a potential i crossover makes more sense to bring to market in order for BMW to stay relevant and bring the fight to segment’s darling, Tesla.

BMW has invested over $2 billion into the i3 vehicle alone, so production of the small electric city car will continue long into the future.

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