Porsche planning all-electric all-new model to compete with Tesla

Currently in the formative stages at Porsche’s Research and Development Facility in Germany, Porsche is working on a secret 5-door vehicle that will fall into the lineup below the Panamera.

The secret model has taken on the name Pajun around the internet – aka PANamera JUNior – as it will be smaller than the Panamera, but based on the same MSB platform.

The Pajun will come with combustion engine versions to rival the BMW 5-series, but more interestingly, will come with an advanced battery powered variant whose job is to compete with the Model S in performance and range.

The details of the electric vehicle are still top secret, but Autocar.co.uk has some insider contact and says the Pajun EV is going to employ greater use of lightweight, hot-formed, high-strength steel and aluminum to aim for a total weight less than the Model S’s 2190kg.

Powertrain details are likely to be the same, or similar, to the electric vehicle powertrain that will be used by Audi to power the R8 e-Tron more than 250 miles.

The image comes from Porsche renderings of their Porsche Design Tower that is under construction in Miami. Snuck in amongst the renderings was this shot of a vehicle that looks like a Panamera, but has a shorter wheelbase and shorter overhangs. Set to be finalized in 2016, the building will have 3 car elevators and 2 to 4 garages per unit.

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