Nissan says BladeGlider concept is basis for production vehicle

The Nissan BladeGlider is a concept blueprint for a small electric sports car based on the principles of the Deltawing race car, and is set to make production in 3 years.

A senior executive has confirmed there already a test mule already running, based on a modified Arial Atom.

“When I was growing up the principle was that young people wanted a sports car and their parents hated the idea of them – the problem with all of today’s sports cars is that they are actually owned by parents,” said Nissan’s engineering chief Andy Palmer. “We are exploring ways of getting back to a sports car that is affordable, challenging and appealing for young people.”

The concept BladeGlider vehicle will be revealed at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Styling of the production car is obviously expected to change – the BladeGlider was described by  Nissan Design Chief Shiro Nakamura as “an extreme interpretation” of how the car could look.

Technical details are basically non-existent at this time, but the BladeGlider concept is wrapped in carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and has seating for 3 people with a centrally placed driver.

The weight distribution is 30% front to 70% rear, mostly due to the low and rear positioned lithium ion batteries. Nissan has confirmed in-wheel motors will be on the production version of the vehicle.

“I’ve driven the prototype, and it is unlike anything I have sampled before,” said Palmer. “This is the car that takes advantage of all the packaging benefits of an electric powertrain. All that weight and the set-up of the front racks means that the car is incredibly pointy, but the rear track and downforce mean that you can catch the oversteer with amazing ease.”

Palmer also confirmed that when the electric car makes production, it will be positioned below the Nissan 370Z sports car in terms of price.

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