Kia Soul EV coming in 2014 with range of more than 120 miles

Kia has revealed specs on the upcoming Soul EV with a large and informative press release. The only things missing are an official launch date, and pricing information.

In the press release, Kia Motors confirms development of an all-electric version of the Kia Soul set to go on sale in 2014. The Kia Soul EV will be Kia’s first electric vehicle marketed outside of Korea.

Although it is Kia’s first globally sold all-electric vehicle, the Soul EV is our second-generation battery electric vehicle and significantly benefits from the in-depth knowledge gained during development of the Ray EV sold in Korea. – Orth Hedrick

The 2014 Kia Soul EV is the first vehicle in Kia’s ‘Clean Mobility’ program that aims to provide environmentally friendly vehicles to Kia customers worldwide, says Orth Hedrick, Kia Motors America’s executive director of product planning.

With a target range of more than 120 miles, the Soul EV will be based on the recently launched 2nd generation of the Kia Soul.

Electric power comes from a 27 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack and is sent to the front wheels with a 109-hp electric motor delivering 210 lb-ft of torque. Interestingly, Kia notes that is the power of the electric motor in the current prototype cars, which could hint there may be changes in the production version. Charging times are up to 5 hours using a standard 240 volt outlet, or 25 minutes using a fast charger with a 100 kW output.

0-60 mph time is less than 12 seconds, and top speed is near 90 mph.

When it goes on sale in 2014, Kia says the Soul EV will offer projection headlamps, LED positions lamps, LED rear combination lamps, and aerodynamically designed 16 inch alloy wheels.

The interior will make use of recycled materials including Bio Plastic, Bio Foam, Bio Fabric and Bio PET Felt, together with low volatility organic compounds and newly developed antibacterial materials and paint.

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