Nissan has an all-electric concept SUV headed for Paris Auto Show

Although no details have been released, Nissan has announced that an all electric compact SUV concept of theirs is headed to the Paris Auto Show this fall. Perhaps they felt they had to release something in this category to compete with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that Mitsubishi just announced. Mitsubishi and Nissan have been in a head to head battle for some time as the only 2 all electric vehicles available to customers in North America (now the Focus Electric and some soon to be released electric vehicles have joined the competition).

The unnamed electric vehicle could possibly be a replacement for the X-trail, or it could be an evolution of the Hi-Cross hybrid electric vehicle concept that Nissan showed at the Geneva Motor Show last year (pictured).

There’s a good chance the compact SUV will share technology out of the Nissan Leaf like the 80 kW motor and perhaps the battery pack. Since this vehicle will likely be heavier than the Leaf, there is also a good chance that Nissan will put a larger battery pack in the electric SUV in order to maintain the range that is expected from the Leaf.

Toyota recently unveiled the Rav4 EV that will be in limited production later this year, but there is no word from Nissan on whether or not this is a limited release, or a full-blown electric vehicle like it did with the Nissan Leaf, and like it is planning with the E-nv200 electric van.

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