BMW partners with Green Mountain Solar to power ActiveE with sunlight

BMW recently partnered with Green Mountain Solar utility company to allow ActiveE drivers to power their electric vehicles with solar power. The agreement allows ActiveE drivers to buy renewable energy certificates from Green Mountain. Drivers can buy the certificate for a one time payment of $48 that ensures all electricity used during their ActiveE lease period will come from renewable sources.

Or, if you’re like the person pictured above from the BMW i3 Forum, you can install your own solar array on your house and send the sun’s power straight to your electric vehicle.

BMW has been boosting its green credibility with green agreements around the country. Bakc in May BMW launched a partnership with solar-panel installer Real Goods Solar which allows ActiveE drivers to get as much as 35% off their solar systems.

BMW started leasing the BMW ActiveE in January. The ActiveE’s successor, the BMW i3, will launch in 2014.

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By Alan Moeller

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