Nissan e-NV200 Test Drive

High Gear Media recently had the chance to test drive the e-NV200 electric delivery van at Nissan’s GranDrive facility in Oppama, Japan as part of Nissan’s annual Advacned Technology Briefing for journalists.

From the outset, the NV200 was designed for gasoline and electric power, so it comes as no surprise that Nissan is moving ahead with the electric NV200. The e-NV200 will use the powertrain from the Nissan Leaf hatchback – the 24kWh battery pack and the 80kW (110 horsepower) electric motor.

During the test drive, the van was loaded with several hundred pounds of cargo to simulate a real-world experience.Nissan commented that they had received surprising feedback from fleet managers currently testing the e-NV200 in London and Tokyo in regards to the acceleration and performance of the electric version of the NV200.

Nissan’s development team wouldn’t comment on range or other performance figures for the van, but they did make comments to make us wonder whether or not thee-NV200, which is taller, wider and heavier than the Leaf, would receive some changes to the 24kWh battery pack.

Nissan also had no comments on potential family minivan versions, even though Nissan will be building an extended version for use in New York as electric taxis.

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