BMW reaffirms commitment to Plug-In Cars

Release Date: 2014
MSRP: $135,925 US
Battery Pack Size: 7.2 kWh
Electric Range: 22 miles estimated
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BMW electric city car i3

BMW chairman Dr. Norbert Reithofer has reaffirmed BMW’s commitment to building a range of electric vehicles during a recent teleconference. “We consider electric mobility a technology with the potential to achieve emission-free sheer driving pleasure.” Dr. Reithofer added that 2013 will be a year of revolution for BMW – the year that BMW start production of the i3 extended range electric vehicle.

The BMW i line of electric vehicles will take lessons learned from BMW’s electric mobility projects including the test projects of the Mini E and the BMW ActiveE. During the Mini E testing, drivers logged almost 10 million miles, and another 3.1 million miles have been logged so far in the ActiveE trials.

The information learned will go into the i3 Urban Electric car and the i8 electric sports car. Both have been showcased at auto shows over the past few years. Those vehicles are expected to be joined by another sporty, coupe version of the i3, likely named the i4, and set to be unveiled at the upcoming LA Auto Show.

Reithofer also explains that BMW’s mission is about far more than electric propulsion alone, and that engineers will also concentrate on the use of new materials, and sustainability throughout the value chain.

BMW is on track to halving its 1990s lineup CO2 emissions by 2020, even despite increases in performance, safety and equipment since then.

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