Kia Soul EV will not be priced to try and ‘simulate demand’

Release Date: Mid 2019
Battery Pack Size: 64 kWh
Electric Range: 240 miles estimated
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On the heels of an exciting announcement that Kia would be producing an all-electric Soul and selling it in North America in 2014, Kia has now said that they will not price the car artificially low, at a loss, in order to simulate demand for the vehicle.

The Kia Soul EV will likely have an electric range of around 85 miles and a top speed of under 90 mph, with a 0-60mph time of somewhere around 10 or 11 seconds.

This week, Kia’s UK Commercial Director  Yaser Shabsogh was interviewed by the website, and some more details were released. Shabsogh said the Kia Soul EV will arrive in the UK in just over 12 months time, and since the US comes first, that means we’re likely looking at a Summer 2014 launch in North America. He also said the Soul EV would have a price of at least £20,000 in the UK – the UK LEAF starts at just under £21,000.

It is not going to be priced to try to stimulate demand

Shabsogh says to “We won’t be selling hundreds of them – maybe a couple of hundred, mostly in the key metropolitan areas. But the biggest question at the moment is not where we will be selling them but the support for these cars – the servicing and charging networks.”

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