Kia Soul EV confirmed, headed to US in 2014

Since Kia EV test mules were spotted in California we haven’t heard anything from the South Korean automaker – until now! Yesterday, Kia officially announced plans for its first all-electric vehicle in the United States. The electric vehicle will “combine the Soul’s funky and iconic design.”

Months ago, we guessed that the electric version of the Soul would remain basically the same but likely receive a unique front and rear fascia, and Kia confirmed by saying the Soul EV will have “new styling cues aimed at improving aerodynamics and distinguishing it from non-EV Souls.”

At the media launch of the all-new 2014 Soul, Kia Motors America (KMA) today announced plans to offer an all-electric version of the company’s iconic Soul urban passenger vehicle in select markets in 2014

Price is guess-timated to be around $30,000 with similar range and top speed ratings as the Nissan Leaf. Kia didn’t reveal any pricing or specs on the Soul Electric Vehicle but said the powertrain, range/MPGe, packaging and market release strategy will be announced at an upcoming major US auto show.

Since it’s official, we decided we should start a Kia Soul EV forum so there’s a place to discuss the electric vehicle.

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