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Everyone who drives the 2013 Honda Fit EV loves it – it handles well, it’s quick, and it’s even more efficient than the Mitsubishi i MiEV. The Honda Fit EV is rated at 118 MPGe and has a rated range of 82 miles which is a few miles longer than the larger Nissan Leaf.

However, there is a small change you’ll get to drive one. Last week Honda hosted an introductory drive event for the Honda Fit EV. When specifically asked about the prospects for the Fit EV, Honda executives repeatedly stated they would build and sell 1100 Fit EVs in 2013 and 2014. The Honda Fit EV is specifically a test vehicle that Honda will use to learn about real world drivers use of electric cars. It will also provide data on how dealers need to prepare for and support plug-in cars.

Would Honda make more than 1100 Fit Electric Vehicles if demand exceeds 1100? The answer appears to be no.

The Fit EV can be leased for $389 per month for 36 months. Even if you wanted, you can’t buy a Honda Fit EV outright – meaning that Honda can, and probably will, take back the cars at the end of the lease period to avoid the cost of ongoing service and parts supplies.

That’s a real shame.

Honda Fit EV Efficiency

To achieve the highest efficiency, the Honda Fit EV has redesigned front and rear bumper fascias to help smooth out airflow. Honda also redesigned the side sill extensions from the basic shape of the ones on the Honda Fit gasoline. There is also a different roof spoiler fitted over the rear window to help the laminar airflow break off the rear of the vehicle in a cleaner (less turbulent) way. These changes reduce the drag coefficient over 14%.

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  1. I have reserved a new Honda Fit EV at my local dealer after being told that my deposit was fully refundable if I decided not to lease the car once I had my test drive.
    My question is this: will I be able to plug it into my regular house outlet immediately or do I need a special ” home charging station” installation first?

    1. You can charge the Fit EV using a standard 110V plug – it just takes a while. Somewhere around 12 hours if I remember correctly.

      1. I ordered my Honda Fit EV at the end of May and was told that the dealership had one on order and that my name was on it. They then proceed to say that it could arrive any day, but they have no idea when it will be delivered (they were told “June”).
        Is there really no way of getting a delivery date or VIN? Is Honda not communicating with its dealers?

        1. Honda doesn’t seem to be communicating with dealers. Likely because of the recent run on the Fit EV they don’t know when they will have enough built to fill all the backorders.

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