Honda apologizes for the Fit EV shortage

Since the May 30th changes in the Fit EV’s pricing, when Honda lowered the monthly price from $389 to $259 and removed the down payment, removed the mileage limits on the lease, added collision insurance as part of the lease, and added a 240 volt home charging station as part of the lease, large numbers of customers have leased the Fit EV causing an immediate shortage and temporary sell out of the Fit EV.

Many potential lessees were frustrated as waiting lists were created and people searched out the few existing Fit EVs nationwide. Honda received a flurry of calls on the shortage.

All of this prompted a June 14 letter from Honda’s Vice President of Environmental Business Development Steve Center:

“We expected a strong positive consumer response to our recent announcement that the Fit EV monthly lease price had been reduced from $389 to $259 for new and existing customers alike. It turns out that a “strong” response was gross understatement. Customer interest spiked significantly and demand for the Fit EV has grown considerably. We’ve even heard rumors that the Fit EV may already be sold out.”

“As with any rumor, the truth is somewhat different. While many of our dealers have reported leasing their available inventory of Fit EV’s since our late May announcement of the lower lease price, we are still producing a consistent rate of Fit EVs per month for the U.S. market and shipping them to dealers as quickly as possible. This is a temporary inventory issue, not a question of being “sold out.””

Mr. Center recommends interested customers contact a local dealer and start the lease qualification process. If they qualify and a vehicle is not available, get the dealer to put your name on a wait list – the lists are “not as long as one would think.”

Summing things up, he went on to say “Bottom line: Honda is bringing more Fit EV’s to our U.S. dealers every month, and those future shipments are not sold out.

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By Alan Moeller

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  1. I picked a dealer on 5/31 and talked to him on the telephone that day. I assumed that filling out the web form on the Honda Fit EV was putting me in a queue. He didn’t mention that I needed to put a deposit in and fill out a leasing agreement at that time. He said they didn’t have any to see or test drive and that they didn’t even have a charger installed. Email him yesterday and he sold me that they had already sold 10 and weren’t taking anymore orders and that test drives were not available since Honda owned them, the dealership insurance wouldn’t cover test test drive!!! This dealer has been with Honda for 34 years.

    1. Honda’s system is slightly confusing – the web form does nothing (except sign you up for Fit EV updates as far as we can tell). It’s too bad your dealership didn’t fill you in a little bit more at the time. Any other dealers in the area?

      1. Yes, there is another dealer about 60 miles away, but he already has 25 buyers waiting. He seems to think that Honda is going to increase production of of Fit EV’s and release another batch this fall.

        1. That would be great if Honda did make more, but I don’t see them going beyond their ZEV regulated quantities. That’s why they’ve removed the mileage limitation for the Fit EV lease – they are likely just going to scrap them at the end of the leases.

  2. This seems to be just a gimmick to get your contact info and try to sell you another car…
    When I inquired about the $259 lease I was told about the 1000 limited inventory so I gave up on this car,,,,after reading about this update I requested info thru the Honda website and was directed to the same dealership who then reply again with the same email about the 1000 limited inventory and invited me to buy another car instead…when I replied and mentioned this article I was expecting a reply but they just ignored me email….very dissapointed with Honda and his lack of professionalism in cheating their consumers…

    1. Jenny,
      This sounds like a dealer issue and not Honda. Most dealers are not as informed about EV’s and therefore try to steer people to other cars. We need to actually pursue such dealers and let them know that we want EV’s and not just any vehicle! I would also report this dealership to Honda USA.

  3. Similar experiences as noted in this forum. Requirements and procedures appear to change depending on who you talk to. Dealers point at the manufacture and the manufacture points back at the dealer? No one seems to know the procedure. There should be a clear set procedure…whatever it may be. Very disappointing

    1. We may never see a Honda FIT EV in Arizona. They made 1,100 to meet the requirement and no more are coming from what I’ve seen.
      Too bad it has the best range and price of any EV on the market in that category. Only Tesla beats them and everyone.

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