Ford Focus to get facelift, and plug-in hybrid version

Release Date: Start of 2013
MSRP: SE Model $39,945, Titanium Model $40,995
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The third generation Ford Focus was launched in 2012, and shortly after was followed by the Ford Focus Electric. Now, a facelifted version is set for 2015, and will likely be revealed this year at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

The third generation Focus has been a worldwide sensation, selling 1.02 millioin in 2012 and pushing the Toyota Corolla off the top of the global charts.

According to, a plug-in hybrid Focus is also in the plans, using the technology that Ford pioneered in the C-max Energi, and also used in the Fusion Energi. Combining a 2 liter gasoline engine and an electric motor, the C-max Energi produces 192hp and has an all electric range of 20 miles. It’s likely the plug-in Focus will also receive the Energi moniker.

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  1. Man, I just hope they didn’t ruin the design Mr. Martin nailed. Please, Ford, keep Martin’s legacy. The style rocks. I have a 2013 Focus, electric, and think it’s one of the best design jobs Ford has ever created.

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