Ford Focus Electric with cheaper trim level?

Thanks to a keen eyed reader, Inside EVs was tipped off to a change in Ford’s corporate inventory search function. In the past, when searching for inventory of the Ford Focus, the sub model would include 6 choices, one of which was the ‘Electric’. Now, the Focus sub model list includes 7 options, 2 of which are listed as ‘Electric.’

Jay from is speculating that could be an indication that Ford will offer 2 trim levels on the Focus Electric vehicle. The first option provides a ‘No exact matches were found’ result, while the second option leads you to current inventory.

Inside EVs decided to ask Mike Tinskey, who is Ford’s global director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure. While he didn’t deny it, Tinskey did say he could not comment specifically on the speculation. Chad D’Arcy, Ford’s Focus Electric Marketing Manager, gave a canned PR response: “As far as the Focus Electric goes, I can’t share any possible future actions related to packaging and pricing.”

Source: Inside EVs

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  1. In the Phoenix Arizona area we find it’s hard to get a Focus EV without leather. That adds close to $800 to the sticker.
    Also all the local dealers aren’t aware of the $5 a year registration for pure electrics, HOV lane access even if your alone. So they always charge about $780 for registration, then have to give us a check back for about $650 if we ask and pursue them.

    We can then get a zero down $300 a month lease for 3 years. Not bad.

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