Ford Focus Electric slow sales trigger discounts and incentives

Reported by the Detroit News, Ford is having troubles selling its Focus Electric vehicles. As a result, Ford is offering substantial discounts.

Ford has offered $10,750 off of a three year lease, or if you prefer to buy the vehicle outright, it can be had for $2000 less than its original base price (down from $39,995 to $37,995) on top of an additional $2000 cash discount if you buy the EV without a loan. All of these offers have no effect on the government incentives also available to purchasers of the Ford Focus Electric.

Last year, Ford sold 685 of the 1,627 Focus Electrics that it built.

Ford isn’t alone in its struggle to get people to drive their electric vehicles off their lots. Nissan cut the price of its Leaf, the Coda Sedan can be had for $25,000, and some Mitsubishi dealers are offering great discounts.

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By Alan Moeller

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  1. I leased a FFE over the weekend and got a pretty good deal. $1000 down and payments of of about $325/mo for 3 years. Rebates totaled $10,750, plus I get the $7,500 tax incentive. I can buy at the end residual of about $20k.

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