Detroit Electric announces plans to move production out of Detroit

The electric vehicle start-up, Detroit Electric, no longer plans to build its first electric vehicle in Detroit. Instead, Detroit Electric will build the vehicle overseas in Holland.

Supply chain logistics have dictated that the assembly operations for the limited production run of that vehicle have currently to be located just in Europe

If the company can sell all 999 planned versions of the SP:01 electric sports car that it will start building later this year, the Metro Detroit area will be first choice for production of an electric sedan in coming years.

Detroit Electric is still adding to its team of 7 at the company’s Detroit headquarters at the Fisher Building, even though manufacturing will take place in Holland.

The company is headed by a group of ex-Lotus Engineering Group executives, and is funded by private investment. Executives at the company have promoted it as one that hasn’t, and won’t accept government assistance.

The SP:01 two seat sports car, which will sell for $135,000, is built on the same platform as the Lotus Elise. It comes with a military grade battery, a top speed of 155 miles per hour, and can go from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds. Revenue from that car would be used to build a second sports car, and following that, a higher-volume, less expensive electric sedan.

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  1. Shoulda just called it the Twistla Roadster… Hey, I do hope there’s enough room for a Tesla mimic, but without the lucky market timing and investinal fortitude that Musk delivered; colour me skeptical.

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