Coda Sedan lives again – briefly at least

The Coda Sedan has long since disappeared, until the newly launched Coda Cars website popped up this week. On it, is an announcement that says “Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing have teamed up to provide a great car at a great price. We have purchased the remaining Coda Automotive vehicles and are offering them for sale at a substantial discount. The original cars were priced around $40,000.00 plus fees depending on options.

What ‘substantial discount’ really means is up to anybody, but Coda Cars will sell glider cars for $7500.

Coda Cars has 100 gliders and 50 complete vehicles, but there is a large concern about the lack of warranty and unknown amount of spare parts.

As can be seen on the Coda Sedan Forum, there are a few owners who are looking at buying extra vehicles to use for parts and servicing etc.

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Alan Moeller

By Alan Moeller

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  1. So there isn’t a whole lot to read on Coda by actual owners. So I feel I should say a few good words here.
    I purchased a 2012 a few months back. Dark gray ext, leathers seats, and silver rims. Aside from that its pretty much as seen in most adds. So here is my opinion. I paid $4,500.00 for the car. Pretty clean, 28,000 miles on it. Had to have the battery pack serviced shortly after to the tune of about $1,800.00. (This was due to charging neglect) Deduct the $500 from PG&E and I’m at $5,800.00. I have to say in all honesty, this is the best car I have ever owned. (especially for the money) I probably wouldn’t be as thrilled at $38,000.00. I have been reading a whole lot of negative comments on the car. I feel Coda got a bad rap. Coda should have sold the car well below cost. Say around $20k. This would have put all 500 on the road for sure. Next year, 25K+. The next year, 30K. I would say by year 4 they could have done more with the car and been well their way to competing in the EV world. Tesla started out be using a Lotus body. It wasn’t until many years later they would be stamping out body parts. Granted Tesla is the best car made in 60 years. Coda had a rough go, bad timing and poor press. I really enjoy driving my Coda and I have to say it really goes !! Should you come across one for a good price? Snap it up. You won’t be sorry.

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