2018 Volkswagen e-Golf to have 186 miles of Real-World Range

Volkswagen’s CEO Dr. Herbert Diess has already given tentative approval to the next generation Golf, even as a face-lifted version of the current generation is due out later this year. In the wake of dieselgate, Volkswagen is working hard on zero-emissions batter electric and plug-in hybrid versions of the Golf 8th generation.

The e-Golf will use the MEB architecture platform and will use a 48-volt on-board power supply that will also be used in the Golf GTE.

“The current e-Golf is 190 kilometers [118 miles] of range on paper and about 120 kilometers [75 miles] in the real world, the Golf VIII e-Golf will have 300 kilometers [186 miles] of real-world range – genuinely 300 kilometers. ”
– Volkswagen Group small car development leader Dr. Jocham Böhle

The next generation Golf family will arrive in late 2018, likely as a 2019 model year. The electric version e-Golf, and plug-in hybrid Golf GTE will arrive soon after that.

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  1. It’s great to see all these next-gen EVs approaching 200-mile range, and it’s sure to drive greater adoption. Although it does rather devalue the cars of us early adopters. 🙂 And it kind of makes me wonder: Should I wait for the next generation after that, that will have 400-mile range? Or what?

    Ah well. I guess it’s like buying a computer used to be — you know it’ll be obsolete soon, and it’ll have little resale value, but you still need it now.

    1. Plus when most people have 400 mile EVs there will be less lineups at the charging stations you’d need to make it that same 400 miles 🙂

  2. Well lets assume common sense will prevail within VW and they fit minimum 32amp chargers and do away with 16 amp.
    But then we are taking about VW – so…….

  3. How is it obsolete if it saves you money everyday for the life of the vehicle. Envy and obsolescence are two very different things.

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