Volvo adds another 100 vehicles to it’s C30 electric production plan

Some rumors floating around the internet have been that Volvo has stopped producing the C30 electric vehicle due to the low demand expected. However, the C30 electric always was a limited production program. Volvo planned to make 250 vehicles.

Volvo is almost finished producing the 250 C30 electric vehicles. Approximately 200 vehicles have been built, and another 50 remain to be built before the summer. Volvo has decided to add a second generation production for the Volvo C30 electric which will include another 100 vehicles. Volvo will begin production on these after the summer, and the 100 vehicles will be built in cooperation with Siemens and Siemens Technology.

Volvo’s Malin Persson said that the C30 electric was never meant to be in production for a long period of time. Volvo is using the C30 electric project to gain know how and experience that will be used when making decisions about the way forward when it comes to electric vars.

Volvo had said that it thinks electric vehicles will only make up one percent of the market in eight years.

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