Useful tips and tricks to increase your tires’ lifetime

We all want our tires to stay healthy and last long, after all, we have spent good amount of bucks on it. Some drivers finds these following tips and tricks helpful to increase their tires’ lifetime.

Keep the tires aligned properly: It is necessary to keep your tires aligned and wheels balanced properly. If you feel the “pull” while driving, this is the time that you get your tires checked by certified professionals. Unaligned tires and unbalanced wheels not only deteriorate the driving pleasure but affect the tires’ life to threatening degree. It is also advised to rotate tires every 6000 miles.

Look for cuts and holes: You don’t know what your car might run over while driving, it is necessary to visually examine your tire for cuts or holes once in a while. A nail in the tire might not quickly deflate it but creates an inappropriate tire pressure that will slowly worsen the threads and eventually cause a tire failure; resulting in a complete tire change. Apart from these, inappropriate tire pressure has many other disadvantages.

Disadvantages of inappropriate tire pressure

More than 50% of tire related problems come from inappropriately inflated tires; this is why it is mandatory to check the tire pressure regularly every week. Simply take your vehicle to nearest tire shop to properly inflate the tires. Tires experts suggest that you should increase tire pressure while using winter tires than summer tires because weather has adhesive effect on tire pressure. Inappropriate air pressure in tires can cause a huge number of issues – from uneven and quickened tire wear, to tread-structure harm, complete tire failure, and even hideous gas mileage. Keeping your tires appropriately inflated can enhance gas mileage and save you a lot of money at the gas station.

In a nutshell, although today the manufacturers ensure that the tires are tough and endure harsh abuse; however, neglecting the tires and not taking proper care can be very costly. Taking aforementioned precautionary measures will maintain the quality of your tires, enhance gas mileage and save your hard-earned money.

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  1. Thank you for the help. I just bought some new tires and want to make them last as long as possible. I know that alignment contributes a lot, as you mentioned. How can I best tell when the tire alignment is off?

  2. I want to make sure that I make my new tires last. I didn’t realize that air pressure was so important! It’s no wonder my last tires died so fast. I’ll make sure I keep that in mind this time!

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