Chevrolet Bolt EV will cost more than $46,500 in Canada

While the pricing information was not officially announced by GM, InsideEVs was able to deduce the purchase price based on comments from a Chevrolet representative at the Canadian International Auto Show.

The GM Rep said the all new Chevrolet Bolt EV will be the first electric vehicle in Canada to get the full $14,000 rebate in Ontario because of the battery size and 5 seats. However, the requirements to earn the $14,000 rebate also include the stipulation that purchase incentives are not to exceed 30% of the vehicle’s MSRP.

With some quick calculations, that means the rebate on the Bolt Electric Vehicle puts the MSRP above $46,500.

Source: InsideEVs

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  1. If this conclusion is correct, the math’s a lot simpler than suggested here. Look at it another way — GM’s targeting a final price to the consumer of about US$30k, which is where they figure they’ll get enough demand to make the enterprise viable. The Canadians are foolish enough to offer a 30% rebate up to CA$14k, letting GM put a lot more into their pocket than they can with the U.S.’s less generous $7500 tax credit cap.

    This is either a good example of how subsidies can do as much to raise prices as raise demand, or a strong indication that GM may be losing their shirts selling US$38k Bolts. Neither story is a good one.

  2. OK so that’s a little too rich for me. My SL Leaf cost me $41,000. But I now realize I need more range for my day-to-day business trips.
    When will be able to order the 2017 Leaf – and how much will that really cost in Canada?

  3. It sounds to me there’s some forgetting about currency conversion going on here. At this writing $46000 Canadian is about $35K USD, close to what GM is advertising the car will be in the US. Also, $14000 Canadian is about $11K USD, which by the way is close to the US federal plus state incentives in progressive states.

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