Toyota warns Rav4 EV may display warning at some public chargers

Release Date: September 2012 in California
MSRP: $49,800
Battery Pack Size: 41.8 kWh
Electric Range: 103 miles (EPA rated)
MPGe: 76 MPGe
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Toytoa Rav4 Charging

Toyota has released information (a technical tip is what they’re calling it) that the Toyota Rav4 EV may display a warning at some public level 2 charging stations. The ‘Check EV System’ message may illuminate after attempting to charge the vehicle at a public charging station.

Toyota is currently investigating the issue, but has released some recommendations to help cope in the meantime.

Leviton Mfg. is the Toyota approved supplier for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.  Leviton’s level 2 40A, 30A and 16A Toyota Program models and EVR-Green series have been extensively tested and approved for use with the Toyota Rav4 EV and Prius Plug-in Hybrid vehicle.

While there are other EVSEs offered in the market, only the Leviton models above have been approved. Here is a list of Level 2 charging stations that have completed a basic level of confirmation with the Toyota Rav4 EV and should function properly:

  • AeroVironment Level 2 EVSE-RS
  • Blink / ECOtality Level 2 Charge Station
  • Charge Point / Coulomb Technologies CT2000 Series
  • Clipper Creek CS Series
  • Eaton Pow-R-Station (Commercial), EV Charging Station (Residential)
  • Schneider Electric EVlink Indoor Charging Station (EV2430WS)

*This list is subject to change Toyota will continue to conduct basic testing on other manufacturers’ Level 2 charging stations to identify those charging stations that are compatible with the RAV4 EV.

If you determine that the ‘Check EV System’ message may be displayed because the vehicle driver used an incompatible charging station, the message can be cleared using the following procedure:

(Note: The ‘Check EV System’ message can be displayed for various reasons – check for other causes and codes before utilizing the clearing procedure outlined below.)

  1. Disconnect the EVSE from the vehicle.
  2. IG ON (with foot removed from brake pedal, press and release start button once, wait 1 second, press and release start button again).
  3. Wait 10 seconds for the system to complete the start-up check.
  4. IG OFF (with foot removed from brake pedal, press and release start button).
  5. Wait 1 second.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 four times to clear the warning message. On the fourth IG-ON event, the warning message should no longer be displayed.
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