Smart hopes ForTwo Electric Drive will jump-start brand

Daimler is hoping the ForTwo Electric Drive will increase the brand’s perception and relevance. Smart hopes to beat the BMW i3 and the Volkswagen E-Up! to market in hopes to re-establish the brand’s position as an urban mobility pioneer with the first mass-produced electric car from a German Manufacturer.

The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is hoping to be the least expensive German electric vehicle on the market and the brand seeks about 10,000 annual sales of the plug-in vehicle. Those estimates may seem high, but 10,000 would only be 10% of global Smart sales.

In Germany, a conventional Smart starts at $13,489 US and a conventional VW Up! is $12,391 US. The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive has been priced at $24,824 US plus $85.33 US per month for the battery. The four-seat Mitsubishi i-Miev is $29,625 and the 5 seat Nissan Leaf is $35,200 in Germany. We’re not sure that price difference is enough to convince buyers to go with the smaller Smart Electric Drive, but there’s no saying this is the final Smart ForTwo ED pricing either. AS we’ve seen time and time again, even the best of promises can change as the production date grows near.

Currently, customers in the US can pre-register on the Smart USA website. Production of the Smart ED started in June of this year in Hamback, Germany, but there is no mention of when the Smart ED will be available.

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