Outlander PHEV production set to double

Now that Mitsubishi is confident it’s battery pack problems are behind them (read this article about the solution to the Outlander PHEV battery pack overheating), Mitsubishi is planning for increased interest in their 4wd extended range SUV.

Some are concerned that the recall because of the battery overheating (which affected all 4,305 plug-in hybrids that were sold), and a seperate recall of 3,800 Outlander PHEVs for faulty control software could affect the level of interest in the vehicle going forward. Others note that the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid 4wd SUV with a 25 mile all electric range is unlike anything else currently on the market, so interested parties will still be interested.

Production of the Outlander PHEV will resume shortly at Mitsubishi’s factory in Japan, but the company can only build up to 2000 vehicles per month at the factory. Since Mitsubishi temporarily suspended production, interest in the extended range plug-in has only grown, and so have the number of back orders.

It’s estimated Mitsubishi has a backlog of about 15,000 Outlander PHEVs to build, and with the vehicle still to be rolled out in North America in January 15, Mitsubishi needs to get those orders filled.

Last month, while announcing their most recent full-year earnings, Mitsubishi Motors Japan says it will “consolidate the processes for installing PHEV batteries and motors from subassembly line to the main assembly line.”

More exciting is the announcement that production will increase from 2000 units per month to 4000 units per month starting in September 2013. That would fulfill their 15,000 order backlog in less than 4 months, and allow time to have sufficient supply for the US launch of the Outlander PHEV.

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