Nissan unveils plans for e-NV200 London Taxi

Based on the successful Nissan NV200 van, the new London Taxi has been re-designed to make it “instantly recognizable” as one of the capital’s iconic black cabs.

The newly redesigned taxi was developed in London by Nissan Design Europe in Paddington. The NV200 for London is part of Nissan’s global taxi program which involves providing taxicabs for Tokyo, Barcelona, and New York in addition to London.

The gasoline powered taxi will launch in December 2014, and Nissan plans to launch the zero-emissions electric version e-NV200 taxi in 2015. London’s Mayor had set a target of 2020 for the devolpment of a zero-emissions taxi, and Nissan is forging ahead to meet that goal almost 5 years ahead of schedule.

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