Mini to Offer Electric Vehicle ‘soon’

In a recent announcement from BMW Auto Group, the brand’s chief, Peter Schwarzenbauer, announced Mini will shrink its lineup from 8 models to 5 models. The downsizing of the lineup comes in an effort to “find the right balance between growth, on the one hand, and profitability, on the other,” according to Schwarzenbauer.

It’s not all backpedaling for Mini. In addition to that announcement, Schwarzenbauer said that Mini will offer an electric vehicle “soon.”

“Soon” is open to interpretation, but it could come when the some of the models are revamped next year. There is speculation that the electric Mini could be based on the Superleggera concept shown at the recent Paris Motor Show (pictured above).

“The brand will continue to evolve over the coming years to ensure that we remain leading edge,” he said. “We will take new and unexpected directions.”


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