Mercedes C-Class PHEV re-confirmed, no date set

Way back in April 2013, when Mercedes was knee-deep in B-Class Electric Drive press releases, CEO Stephen Cannon said there would be a plug-in hybrid with “full electric capability on the C-Class Platform”. Yesterday, at the Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz reconfirmed the PHEV when they unveiling of their redesigned C-Class sedan.

In order to improve efficiency across the range, the new C-Class has an aluminum hybrid body that is around 150 lbs lighter than the last generations steel body. Other changes have made the vehicle a total of 220 lbs less than its predecessor. The lighter constructions is said to cut fuel consumption by up to 20% without any loss of performance, and at the same time improves handling with a lower center of gravity.

The coefficient of drag is rated at 0.24, which the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sets as a new benchmark in the mid-range segment.

All versions of the new C-Class sedans will have ECO start/stop functionality.

The new C-Class will debut in late 2014 as a 2015 model year. Back in April ’13, Mercedes hinted the C-Class plug-in hybrid would be available late 2014. At the Detroit show, Mercedes said the PHEV model would follow so it’s likely to appear in early to mid 2015.

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