Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive to launch in US in 2014

Mercedes-Benx has now officially confirmed that its B-Class Electric Drive will launch in the US in early 2014. The B-Class E-Drive will be the first all electric vehicle offered by Mercedes in the USA. On top of it, this is the first European produced EV that will be launched in the US before it becomes available in Europe – the B-class will be available in Europe a few months after it hits the North American market.

The Mercedes Benz B-class Electric Drive is a 5 seat crossover vehicle that features a 134 hp electric motor (100 kW) rated at 228 lb-ft of torque. The electric motor powers the front wheels and accelerates the electric vehicle to 60 MPH in “considerably less than 10 seconds”.

Last year there were some hints that the B-Class might have a range extender, but information now confirms it is all electric all the time. The 28 kWh battery pack is supplied by Tesla Motors, and Mercedes says the B-Class electric range is around 115 miles in the city, which would translate to around 80 miles on the EPA test cycle.

‚ÄúDepending on the respective driving cycle, the range is around 115 miles. This means that in addition to emission-free driving in urban traffic and on short-range trips, longer journeys can also be undertaken without any problems…”

Charging time on the vehicle’s battery pack is listed as 2 hours on a 240V supply.

No pricing has been announced, and we don’t expect any details for quite some time.


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