Kenguru announces pre-orders on wheelchair accessible electric vehicle

Earlier this week, via the companies Facebook page, Kenguru announced they would start taking pre-orders on their B1 and Z1 wheelchair accessible electric vehicles.

The B1 EV features a motorcycle handlebar style steering and control system, while the Z1 will use a joystick control.

Both vehicles are powered by 2- 32 volt AC belt drive motors that each drive a rear-wheel on the electric vehicles. Top speed is rated at 25 miles per hour, with a range of approximately 45 miles. The battery pack is 2 kWh, and charge time is around 8 hours.

The Kenguru B1 EV MSRP is $25,000 and the Z1 EV is $38,500.

If you’re interested in buying one, place the $100 refundable deposit by January 20th and receive 10% off of the MSRP when the vehicle is released.

No delivery dates were given, but Kenguru estimates a wait of 12-18 months according to their Facebook page.

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