Infiniti LE may be built in Tennessee with the Leaf

Last week the Infiniti LE was displayed at the New York Auto Show. This week, 2 Nissan spokesman told the Chicago Tribune that the Nissan factory in Smyrna Tennesse was the most likely place for the Infiniti LE to be built.

The Infiniti LE, which stands for luxury electric, uses a very similar battery pack to the Nissan Leaf. The Smyrna Nissan Plant is expected to start production of the Nissan Leaf by the end of the year, so it makes sense that the Infiniti LE, which is supposed to be available in 2014, would also be manufactured there.

The Infiniti LE will have about 20 percent more horsepower, and 15 percent more torque than the Nissan Leaf. It will also be larger than the Leaf, closer to the size of the Infiniti G sedan.

The range of the Infiniti LE will be around the 100 mile mark, just like the Nissan Leaf (although the EPA range of the Leaf is 74 miles).

No price has been set on the Infiniti LE, but Nissan’s CEO did say that Nissan will be able to lower the price of the Leaf once they are able to produce it in the U.S.

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