Infiniti LE electric vehicle set for 2014

This is now the second time that Inifiniti has confirmed the LE will make it to production. The year will be 2014, and Inifiniti tells us the LE will come with wireless charging – likely the first production vehicle with infuctive charging. USAToday reported that Infiniti officials made the anouncement at Pebble Beach last weekend. The Infiniti LE will be the fancier brother to the Nissan Leaf.

Infiniti did say they were being a little bold¬† implementing the wireless charging since it’s such a new technology. The LE in Infiniti LE stands for Luzury Electric and Infiniti assured us you will also be able to charge it via standard wired charging.

There are no specs for the Infiniti LE electric vehicle yet, but we know the concept is loosely based on the Leaf with a 24kWh litiom ion battery pack and a 100kW electric motor. The vehicle will likely be built at Nissan’s Smyrna TN plant that is scheduled to open later this year.

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  1. If it goes on the market this Infiniti EV will be the best looking one in the market and the only luxury EV on the market as well. It’s bound to draw more buyers into the green car segment.

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